Starting a blog is often one of the areas many businesses will happily start, but then mysteriously turn a blind eye to later down the track.

It’s understandable.

Blogging takes a great deal of time, effort, and hard work. Something most business owners cannot commit too.

If your just a business owner, odds are you don’t really have the deep desire to make a living as a professional blogger. You simply want to promote and attract customers to your website.

No doubt, blogging does just that.

However, the internet is an ever-changing landscape. Times have changed.

There are new and exciting mediums and social media platforms to connect with potential customers.

As this is our very first blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to set out and answer the burning question:

Is it still worth starting a blog for your business in 2018?

Hell Yeah!

In fact, starting a blog is the best business decision you could possibly make.

Don’t believe me? Here are the stats

Stats don’t lie…so what makes blogging so effective?

Here are just four reasons:

1. Blogs draw potential customers to your website: 

A well-written blog will provide a person a reason to regularly visit your website.  More visitors to your site will increase the potential to convert visitors into paying customers. Since they connect with your content, the website traffic drawn by blogging holds significance as they are highly likely to purchase a service or product.

2. Blogs positively impact your websites SEO:

Having a high-quality business blog will do wonders for ranking long tail keywords on search engines. Long tail keywords are less popular but more specific queries that have a higher chance of conversion. Having value-driven content is the best way to ensure you are targeting long tail keywords.

Links building is one of the three pillars of SEO.

By having a business blog and creating great content, you significantly increase your websites ability to attract and receive high-quality inbound links from authoritative websites.

3. Provides an opportunity to connect with customers:

Blogging encourages customers to start a conversation by leaving a comment. These comments can be in the form of questions, feedback or even criticism. Learning from current and potential customers is a marketing gold mine. You can use the opportunity to reply to comments, to further ask questions, and gain an insight into the minds of potential customers.

The newly gained insight can be used for improving your marketing strategy and even help you generate new topics to cover for your blog.

4. Blogging becomes the voice of the business:

Every business needs a voice. Blogging does just that.

Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise within your field. Information-rich blogs will increase your authority within your chosen field and is one of the best ways to establish your brand as an expert in your industry.

The trust and authority that you have built up through blogging will be a major driving force in attracting new leads, contracts, and sales.

But wait…There’s a catch.

Blogs are only effective if you can create engaging informative content that people want to read.

Let’s be realistic, not everyone has a writing background. Even more, you might even hate writing.

That’s totally fine.

You would be surprised to hear that some of the best writers completely hated writing and had absolutely no writing backgrounds.

It’s important to give it a go, you could have serious talent.

Before you start typing up your blog post, it’s important to first learn how to blog. One of the best ways to learn how to blog is to follow great bloggers, Here’s a few I personally follow:

So how do you know if you’re a good blogger?

Through Stats!

By constantly keeping an eye out for your number of subscribers, visitors, comments, and backlinks. If there is no upward trend, you need to make serious changes.

If you’re putting your heart and soul into each post and still not seeing results.

Blogging could well be a total waste of time.

There’s still is hope.

 Blogs are no longer just blogs anymore.

What started off with plain text blogging has evolved into pictures, video, and voice.

Nowadays, blogs are a form of great content creation. If you’re not good with words, but you are naturally good at creating a video or podcasting. Strategically speaking, it would be a better idea to spend your time and effort on that medium and have a professional copywriter take care of your blog.

Is Blogging Dying?

It’s true the number of “Blog” or “blogging” search queries have decreased over the years.

Surely that’s an indicator of a slow and painful death?

Absolutely not!It’s all down to one simple reason:

Great content is forever.

Blogging will never die, it’s simply evolving into a more effective medium.

It’s important to understand that everything is a form of a trend. The business that better understand new trends that affect the way readers consume information will continue to successfully capture readers.

Think about big website businesses that got wiped out by smaller ones.

Take Myspace, for example:

It was one of the worlds largest social media platforms of its time. It got wiped out by a smaller company by the name of Facebook which grew exponentially.

Difference between Facebook and Myspace?

Facebook understood the trends that were affecting the audience. So they set forth in creating a more user-friendly social media experience. As a Bussiness owner, it’s your job to successfully identify and use trends to your advantage. It’s a race to the top.

Start future proofing your business, start your business blog today.

Finally, a Special Note

I wanted to finally take this opportunity to give a warm welcome to you folks, the readers, entrepreneurs and thinkers out there for having a read of our very first blog post Thanks for being part of the humble beginnings of our blogging Journey.