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Money Making Keywords not the Ego keywords

In the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) community, keywords are categorised down too two types:

  1. “Ego keywords
  2.   Money Making Keywords

Before we dive deep into Ego Keywords, Let us first answer the following question.

What are SEO Keywords?

Seo Keywords are words or phrases that potential customers will use to find your website via search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. Seo Keyword research will help identify and distinguish the ideal search phrase or keyword for your unique website and help connect searches to your website and become paying customers.

As you can see Keywords play a major role in SEO.

What exactly are Ego Keywords?

“Ego keywords” are keywords that are very broad and attract a lot of traffic.

That doesn’t sound too bad? Who wouldn’t want more traffic?

Well, funny you say that! Unfortunately, high traffic does not always mean real-time buyers.

“Money Making Keywords” as the name suggests are optimised to attract real time buyers. Money Making Keywords are not broad keywords, they are highly specific and have the intention to attract the right type of customer that is after a specific service or product.

The first step of any successful Keyword research service starts off by identify Money Making Keywords. Determining Money Making Keywords from the get-go will maximise your Return on Investment (ROI) for your websites Digital Marketing.

High Web Traffic  VS Conversions

Optimising your SEO efforts to broad ego keywords will defiantly increase the amount of traffic flow to your website but what percentage of these customers will convert to buying customers?

Stop focusing solely on website traffic volumes and start to concentrate on Rev POV (Revenue per Online Visit) also known as “Money keywords”.

Money Keywords will ensure highly qualified visitors visit highly specific pages related to their search query.

Let’s use Kanye West as an example to showcase traffic volume “broad keywords” vs Conversions “Money Keywords”, after all, Kanye is known for his incredible Ego:

• “Kanye West Concert” vs Kanye West Concert Melbourne 2016
• “Kanye West Shoe” vs “ Kanye West Yeezy Shoe on sale”

Over the past couple of years, our SEO team have been busy conducting tests to understand and identify what types of keywords result in what outcome. We have concluded the following:

• Long keyword phrases that included three to five money keyword combinations had significantly better click-through rate on Search Engines.

Identifying and targeting Keywords make the foundations to a successful SEO campaign, SEO Audit, SEO Copywriting and Link Building strategy. To find out more about our SEO Keyword research services, please get in touch with Atilta.