Link Building Services

Link Building is the process of receiving hyperlinks from external websites to your own site. Search Engines view’s each website linked to your website as a signal of trust in your website’s content and brand.

Receiving a backlink from another website, show’s search engines that your web pages are rich in high-quality content. Quality Link Development is a vital component of our SEO link building services.

The web constantly changes.

To keep up with these changes, Search Engine’s use robots or “spiders” to continuously crawl and travel through web site’s by following crumb trails of links.

The search engines main goal is to analyse website content and provide highly relevant search results for users. So each time you search for a café in Melbourne it will not show a fish and chip shop in Sydney. It’s important to make sure that when building links, you are helping search engines by encouraging back-links from highly relevant websites.

Building Trust with link building

Search Engines will consider a number of factors other than just the number of links your website has received. When ranking links, search engines will analyse the following:

  • Trust – This is dictated by the websites that directly link to your website.
  • Relevance – Is the website that has linked to your website relevant to your sector
  • Anchor Text – The clickable text “hyperlink” that dictates the relevance to the page you are linking.

Once Search Engines have discovered your website, they will use a highly sophisticated set of formula to determine the quality of your website and to determine the Page Score or Rank.

In order to determine your website’s ranking, Search Engines take into consideration the quality of external links that are linked to your website.

Receiving links from high-quality websites will significantly increase your website’s “Trust” in the eyes of Google. This will significantly increase the chances of your website of being ranked well in search results.

Google has created a very short video explaining the meaning by “trust”.

Can you explain what Google means by “trust”?

Quality, Relevant Link Building

A long time ago, websites with the “most links” would easily rank first in search engine results.

Unfortunately, websites heavily abused the system. Search engine results started to become less relevant as quantity was winning over quality! Thankfully, Search Engine’s such as Google realised the abusive trend a new system was subsequently introduced where the focus of link building would shift from quantity to quality of each backlink.

Search Engines are continuously upgrading and tweaking their algorithms. They don’t just rank, they identify low quality and spam links

Building quality links are vital as websites built on low quality or spam my links will be penalized.

The team at Atilta SEO have developed close ties with many leading webmasters, in a wide variety of industries. Our Rich Contacts that share the same industry will play a key role to kick-starting the link building strategy.

Link Building Research

Research plays a vital role in identifying your link building strategy. Our SEO Strategist will discuss and investigate your business market by exploring the following:

  • Your current suppliers
  • Industry Influencers
  • Local Businesses
  • Reference site’s that are relevant to your sector
  • Competitor websites and their links

We thrive to develop Back Links that are one way only. However, the link building strategy may also employ exchange based backlinks that poses high relevancy and from well highly relevant and trusted websites.

Our SEO consultants will then communicate with contacts via :

  • Personal phone call
  • E-mail that encompasses the link details.

Think Long-term Goals, rather than Short-Term

There is no doubt, Link building requires a high level of persistence and patience. You simply cannot force Search Engine’s to hurry up!

Is there a quicker way?

The hard truth is that there is no “quick way” or a Magic hack to achieve high-quality backlink’s, that will help your website rank on page 1 on highly competitive volume keywords.

It’s unpredictable, frustrating and difficult.

It’s no lie, link building is one of the hardest aspects of SEO. No doubt, Search Engines try their best to keep it that way!

Link building is designed to be as hard as possible. This ensure’s that only high quality, trustable and relevant websites show up on the first pages of each query.

Atilta provides link building service for your overall SEO Strategy. Every business has a unique goal that they wish to achieve. We will help build a solid Search Engine Optimisation plan specific to your business.

Get started in uplifting your Search Engine rankings and conversions. Contact Atilta today.

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