SEO Audits

SEO Audits help identify your website’s Search Engine Friendliness.

An SEO Audit is a process for evaluating your website’s Search Engine Friendliness. As SEO is constantly changing and evolving, strategies that you may be using at this moment in time could very well possibly be invaluable or worst negatively affecting your online presence.

An SEO Audit will help provide vital insight into your websites current search engine visibility by investigating down to the nitty-gritty of your website and by identifying disadvantages/issues and potential opportunities that can help your website achieve its potential.

Atilta’s SEO Audits will investigate the technical foundations, on-page and off page optimization practices to evaluate and provide a detailed audit that will be the foundations of a successfully planned SEO strategy.

Here at Atilta, we have Two SEO Audits to choose from:

  1. SEO Foundations Audit – This is a 60 point checklist of your website that will provide a thorough analysis of your websites ranking and competitions.
  2. SEO Tactical Audit – Includes an in-depth SEO audit with detailed strategies and expert advice to eliminate discovered issues or opportunities to help increase website performance.

What to expect from an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit identifies problems and exciting new opportunities for your website. The insight gathered as per the SEO Audit makes up the foundations to arrange an effective SEO strategy.

Unlike “Free SEO Audits” that are floating around all over the web, Atilta SEO Audits are not a one-fits-all, machine-generated report that has minimal to no worth to your business. Each Website Audit is carried out by our experienced Digital Strategists which allows flexibility in investigating issues that have been discovered and are unique to your site only.

How often should a website be SEO Audited?

As you can see SEO Audit’s play an important role in evaluating your website’s search engine visibility friendliness.

SEO industry is rapidly evolving, it’s a field that demands that you are constantly learning and implement new strategies according to current SEO guidelines. Your existing strategy that may be working today may no longer work within 6 months from now. So it’s necessary to perform SEO Audit’s at least two times a year to ensure your website is up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices.

Foundations SEO Audit

Our  Foundations SEO Audit is ideal for businesses that predominantly sell online through their websites and websites that serve immensely competitive industries. The  Foundations SEO Audit is generally fulfilled prior to a Custom Tailored SEO campaign or SEO Package. The Audit will follow a fifty five-point checklist that will identify your current website status, areas that have issues or unexplored areas that could have a great impact on your business website.

Here is a quick glance at just several areas that will be explored during the Foundations  SEO Audit:

Set up and Review Google Analytics & Search Console  

We will firstly, investigate and ensure that current  Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts are set up correctly and that tracking codes have been implemented into your website correctly. If your tracking codes are non-existent or incorrectly implemented, your Atilta Digital Strategist will take care of the setup of account and the set up of tracking codes.

Google Analytics helps provide a comprehensive look at website foot traffic and the user behaviour of visitors. Your Digital Strategist will use the data found in Google Analytics to evaluate the performance of your site and whether landing pages are showing a conversion rate.

Google Search Console, is a handy tool that helps our Digital Experts gain valuable insight as to how Google views your website. Once we have a clear understanding, we provide a detailed report of recommendations that will help improve the indexing of your website and improve its ranking ability.

There is a vast set of tools we will test and evaluate with. Some the tools include:

  • Google Mobile friendliness rating
  • Google Insights for identifying HTML errors
  • Index and crawl analysis tools

Alongside, Google we also evaluate your website through the world’s second largest search engine Bing. The Bing Webmaster Tools provides a similar scope of functions but from the perspective of Bing.

Local SEO Review

Local Search Engine Optimisation Review accounts for “statistics mobile search and SEO conversion”.  We start off with reviewing your Google My Business account, ensure that it has been set-up correctly, that there are no duplicate listing in place, your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) is correct.

Content & Indexing

We will initially use Google Search Console and then move onto other marketing tools, to rigorously analyse your current content, page by page to determine the number of pages Google was able to effectively access and index. Your dedicated Digital Strategist will also check your current sitemap, robot.txt files and content to make sure that they are fully optimised and error free.

Test and Review Current Website Content Management System (CMS)

Your websites content management system (CMS) allows you to publish, edit, modify, delete and maintain your web site’s content from a centralized dashboard. A Website CMS (Content Management System) should be properly programmed to ensure it is fully optimised for Search Engines. If this is not the case, your website’s SEO performance.

We will evaluate and test your CMS backend, frontend, source codes to identify any problems that are hindering your digital marketing results.

Website Metadata & Content Optimisation Review

We will analyse your current on-page signals and structure exploring components such as:

  • Meta titles, Search Engin Friendliness
  • Meta descriptions, Search Engin Friendliness
  • Examine whether H1, H2 and H3 tags have been correct executed
  • keyword density of Content
  • Website schema structure
  • Conduct duplicate content check

The final report will have enormous value.

Investigate top 24 Keyword Ranking 

Identifying Keyword ranking helps use determine the amount of competitive edge your website has against other business within your industry. The Keyword ranking report will focus on your websites top 24 keyword phrases. The final report will provide important information about your websites key strengths, weaknesses, unexplored opportunities and even possible threats that are silently lurking around ready to take a bite out of your websites search engine visibility.

Incoming & Inbound Link Review

We will investigate both inbound links and incoming links found on your website.

Investigate internal links found in the form of Hyperlinks as well as analyse external links that may be passing you down authority.

The finished Digital Marketing Report will summarise your websites link profile, predominantly highlighting significant links and websites anchor text structure.

Analyse Competitors 

We will examine key term phrases you are currently targeting and compare your search visibility against your competitors. The report will highlight your websites position in your relevant industry.

What you should expect from an SEO Audit

A Foundations SEO Audit generally takes eighteen hours to finalise over a two week period. The price for a Foundations SEO Audit is $1950.

Upon completion of the Audit, you will be presented a thorough report. The report will showcase your stance in the market space, industry expert recommendations and new opportunities.

Tactical SEO Audit

The Tactical SEO Audit includes all the checklist points undertaken in a Fundamental SEO Audit, as well as  examining the following areas:

Website Infrastructure Examination

We will execute a thorough examination of your website’s code structure to identify any issues that could be affecting your website from reaching its search visibility potential.

The analysis could explore how your website is generating web pages, database structure, and performance, website speed, loading problems, mobile friendliness problems, hosting issues and many more.

Upon completion, your Atilta Digital Strategist will provide a detailed recommendation so that you are fully enlightened on any found issues and new opportunities.

Internal/Incoming Link Profile analysis

As part of the Tactical SEO Audit, a great deal of research will go into investigating your websites internal link profile.

Linking your web pages together is user-friendly for both users as well as search engines. The investigation will help us understand and determine pages that are receiving the highest number of interest through link building.

Incoming linking also known as Backlinks are considered the main building blocks of a well-optimised website. Unlike internal links, backlinks are linked provided by external sites. In the Incoming Link analysis, your Atilta Digital Analyst will identify your current external domains that are linked and passing down authority to your site.

Once complete, your Atilta Digital Strategist will recommend strategic steps to improve your websites link building profile.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Analysing your competitors is the most crucial step to building a successful development plan.

We will analyse and compare your website’s online stance against your competitors, identifying advantages, disadvantage, and opportunities of each website. Your Atilta Digital Analyst will provide expert recommendations to help in strategy building to outperform and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Discovery Process

Atilta understands that every website has its very own set of opportunities as well as issues. For this reason, we allocate a generous amount of “discovery” time during the scope of the SEO Tactical Audit. During this discovery period, your Atilta Digital Analyst will explore area’s that is specific yet detrimental to your business. It will also highlight new opportunities that can have a significant impact on improving your website’s Search Engine Performance.

What to Expect

You should expect the following three points to be answered in your finalised Tactical SEO Audit Report:

  1. Description of the current state of your website that will include a detailed analysis of identified issues and opportunities.
  2. Detailed recommendations to fix any found issues.
  3. Receive expert recommendations on how to take advantage of found opportunities. These recommendations will maximize and improve your website’s Search Engine Visibility, rank and customer traffic.

A Tactical SEO Audit generally takes forty-five hours to finalise over a four-eight week period. The Tactical SEO Audit Report is $6250.

A dedicated strategist will communicate and go through the final report about your websites SEO capabilities.

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