The Art of Writing for the Web

SEO Copywriting Services for your Website

Writing content websites is a fine balance between Art and Science.

People read books, magazines and newspapers in a totally different manner than website pages.

In fact, when it comes to reading web pages:

“We don’t read pages. We scan them.”
-Steve Krug

Unlike, traditional reading mediums an online reader is are information-hungry so they will firstly, scan the content found on your site, capture an understanding of the relevance of the topic and if engaged they will invest time to start reading.

Search Engines love a great read too

Alongside readers, search engines have their very own unique way of reading web copy. Engaging SEO copywriting, is one that has the right balance between engaging readers through rich and appealing content as well as optimising content so that search engines can discover, appreciate, index and finally rank content for targeted key phrases and topics.

Here at Atilta, we take pride in being a conversion focused copywriting agency. Our expert Copywriters understands the art and science of creating great content that is optimised for web usability. Each one of our copywriters is professionally qualified in journalism, media or communication.

First 15 Seconds, make or break

15 seconds is the time-frame an average user takes to scan a page on your website and decide if they will hit that “back” button or continue to stay on your websites page. To successfully encourage your average user you must ensure that each webpage is optimised in the following manner:

  • Have a Powerful headline that suits the search term the user is after. We use a proven 9 step headline formula, to ensure our headlines are captivating.
  • Followed by an enticing sub-heading to ignite interest and steer readers towards the body of the content  
  • Use of “Pause Points”  or “eye-stoppers in the content. By employing such copywriting techniques we significantly increase engagement by encouraging readers to stop and absorb the content and heavily decrease readers from opting for the “Back Button”. 
  • A final snapshot that summarises the copy and helps steer users to a call-to-action
  • Connect and Convert

Here’s a Common Scenario:

Your current copy is optimised and ranking well in search engine results. The search engines are loving the content, web traffic is pouring in.

But there’s just one catch!

Search engines do not subscribe to newsletters, download e-books, nor do they use the checkout to buy items!

Focusing solely on optimising content creation for search engines will not increase your conversions. It’s vital that your copy communicates with both search engines and potential customers.  

Which leads us to a vital point:

In order to turn your average visitor into a paying customer, your copy should keep your visitors engaged and interactive.

Understanding your target audience is essential.

Great content should communicate to potential customers the main reason they should purchase your products/services from you, fill out an enquiry form or even contact you via phone. Online visitors are hungry for more than just facts, they want to ways to connect with your brand, products and services you offer.

Web Pages Traffic

All too often businesses place a great deal of importance on their website’s homepage but completely overlook individual web pages.  

After all, it’s the main page of the site. Surely focusing on it will bring more traffic?

Well, not quiet.

Although  Home Pages receive web traffic, the majority of visitors land on specific pages of the website as it directly relates to their unique search query made through Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go.

The key to increasing web traffic is to ensure each page of your website is focused on the key phrase you wish to target. 

To decide whether your web page is specific to the key phrase, Search engines analyse web page content and determine the overall theme of the web page. In the world of SEO, this is known as “Latent semantic indexing”.

To ensure your website is optimised for search engines, it is vital that each web page is focused on a particular theme and keyword phrases are from a related group.

About Atilta’s Web Copywriting

Your web copywriting journey begins as soon as you submit your Client Brief. The Questioner generally takes a couple of minutes which consists of a number of quick questions that will help our crew will understand and identify your company, services you offer, your customers and even your competition!

The Atilta Crew will then go over the submitted Questioner with you identifying and selecting pages within your website that you wish to improve, discuss the focus keyword phrases and go over the web page structure.

Once your digital analyst has a solid understanding, we will conduct an extensive research, exploring online and offline avenues, to ensure we have a clear understanding of your focus market within your industry.  We will then start writing your our sites new copy. 

Depending on the scale of the project, we will initially work on 1 or 2 pages of web content and provide you with an opportunity to evaluate to ensure the copy is exactly what your after. Once we get the nod of approval, we get busy writing up the remainder of the web pages.

What about the Keywords & SEO?

Our first priority is to create content that appeals to readers. The copy will keep readers engaged and focus on creating a conversion.

We only move onto technical SEO upon completion of the first drafts. Your dedicated SEO Copywriter and SEO Analyst will work for hand in hand and begin searching for SEO opportunities that lay within your copy.

Your final result is a perfect balance between rich original content that attracts search engines and content that is high quality and engaging that will turn visitors into new customers.

Website Copywriting Service Cost?

Writing rich and engaging content that is conversion focused on websites, is no easy task. Each website has it’s own unique set of variable.  These could include the topic of the content, the type of content required, key phrases, pre-existing web content, competitors and more.

For this very reason, we have created the Uberflex Content Plans so you have the full flexibility to tailor pick your content strategy. Or please contact us.