Atilta Warehouse Management Software

Atilta is a fully-integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) for transport 3PL providers.

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Features of Atilta Warehouse Management System

Atilta Warehouse Management System ensures a smooth user-friendly experience. In a snap shot, the Atilta Warehouse Management Software provides the following solutions

Customer Service and Tracking

Your warehouse is an important part of your customers’ buying experience. Making sure products ordered are in stock and customers get what they purchased is crucial to providing good customer service. WMS improves picking accuracy, so orders are correct the first time.

Warehouse Management also makes organizing and tracking shipments easier through automation. Worker assignments, shipment routes and putaways are all easily managed and tracked. This automation, information and real-time tracking all leads to increased accuracy and reduced customer service calls.

Return on Investment

The right Warehouse Management System can improve your sales and increase profits not simply by helping you sell more, but by selling faster and more accurately to happier customers. Furthermore, your existing workforce can pick and receive more items in less time, with fewer errors. This precision reduces customer inquiries and simplifies customer support.

Company Productivity

Your warehouse plays a key part in ensuring that your company meets its productivity goals. Warehouse Management adds efficiency, consistency, and quality control to the process by helping you move goods through your warehouse at maximum speed, improving every stage of the fulfillment process.

Workers can generate more work in less time because they have exactly what they need at the right time.

ERP Integration

A good Warehouse Management System will integrate with your existing business management system, so you don’t have to replicate systems or procedures. As your business needs grow, your WMS solution should evolve to fit your needs.

Built for Third party logistics (3PL)

The Atilta Warehouse Management Software has been built to cater for unique demands of warehouse transport companies that may outsource some or all of their supply chain, logistics or warehouse storage operations to other third party Logistics (3PL), making Atilta Warehouse Management Software the ideal warehouse management software solution.

Atilta Warehouse Management Software is fully integrated with all other Atilta management modules and Atilta endorsed 3rd party software. Atilta Warehouse Management solution ensures complete control, reduces manual processes and abolishes costly paperwork.


Meet and Exceed Compliance Regulations

Businesses today are faced with challenging supply chain and government regulations, while also trying to meet consumer demands and remain competitive. A WMS gives businesses the tools needed to be competitive while also staying compliant with regulations. This is accomplished through real-time recording and tracking of data, better business intelligence and solutions that automate business processes.


Item-level Inventory Management

To ensure your ahead of the game in inventory management, the Atilta Warehouse Management solution, is built with item-level inventory management system.
The Item- Level Inventory Management System, helps provide better inventory control by keeping track of every individual item. With an Item-Level Inventory Management system, each item is tagged with useful information that help provide detailed insight into several aspects of the inventory, such as:

  • ·      Cost of each item
  • ·      Inventory on hand for each item
  • ·       Margin for each item
  • ·       Movement for each item
  • ·       Physical counts of each item
  • ·       Replenishment of each item

With the implementation of the state-of the art item-level inventory control, all warehouse activities are seamlessly streamlined together making stocktaking a breeze.

Ordering, Billing and management reporting

With Atilta Warehouse Management as your 3PL warehouse management software, flexible billing options allow billing at any point in the processing week, billing for the warehouse storage of stock as well as any ad-hoc movements of stock inwards, outwards, or within the warehouse.

Powerful, one-click reporting options give managers an up-to-the-minute view of warehouse operations from every perspective, and reports are available in a wide variety of formats for emailing directly to specified recipients from within the system.

Online Customer Portal, with Real Time Stock View

Item-level inventory control combined with the Atilta Online Customer Portal will provide your 3PL customers with a real-time view of their stock. The customer portal will also provide billing details, stock ordering, stock transferring, stock and logistic tracking.


Warehouse Management Compliance Ready

Atilta Warehouse Management is chosen by Leading Australian refrigerated transport and cold storage providers for its exceptional ware house management and compliance-control capabilities. The Atilta ware house management system will ensure that safe storage and handling of chilled and frozen food products and ingredients are being complied too. Atilta Warehouse Management, is the perfect Australian solution for cold storage management.

Key features of Atilta Warehouse Management software:

Provides a systemised process to reduce errors. Provides a systemised process to reduce errors.

 Warehouse staff management and productivity control with free-to-download mobile app

  • Simple and logical to operate, reducing the time required to start getting results
  •   Supports multiple warehouses and allows for future expansion without further cost
  • User-defined picking rules deliver the most effective picking routines to make the process more efficient
  • Full batch, serial, pallet ID, bond, production and expiry date compliance – no more spreadsheets
  • Customer interactivity with Online Customer Service Portal
  • Live updates and notifications to specified recipients using Auto-Email Notifications.