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Anybody can set up a website. Here, at Atilta we build engaging, conversion-focused websites that will ensure your business thrives.


Web Design & Development

Web Design is a process that is primarily concerned with the visual aesthetics and usability of a website. Effective web design holds the power to visually persuade and influence the way visitor's interact with your website.

In Short, Web design is the key to turning visitors into paying customers. That's why here at Atilta, we strongly believe that:

"Web Design is an art and science of creating a website that is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and most importantly is conversion driven."

There's a lot that goes into designing such a website.

Well-designed websites involve more than just visual design and aesthetics. Alongside the aesthetic elements of web design, great web design must perfectly be aligned with your business goals and marketing strategy. Most importantly the web design must effectively attract, engage and turn visitors into customers.

To design a website that is goal driven, the web design agency must have a web design process that is able to ensure your new website has the perfect balance of aesthetics design, usability and conversion focus.

Here at Atilta web design, we have designed and developed websites for Australian Small to Large Businesses thanks to our transparent approach to web design and development.

Atilta Web Design and Development Approach

Discover how Atilta Web designers and developers deliver successful websites.


Here at Atilta, our web design process requires 8 stages:

1. Determine Goals: We will sit down and discuss the best suitable solution for your business and identify the goals the new website must achieve.

2. Discovery and Creation of Digital Strategy: We will set forth investigating and determining your websites target audience, competitors, top 15 keyword phrases, and site structure. The final report will be the digital strategy for your website and the main blueprint for the design and development of your website.

3. Project Scope: We will define the scope of the project, website features, development time-frame.

4. Website Content Creation: With the main site architecture determined, we will start the copywriting of each web page. The information gathered in our Digital Strategy Report will help with creating highly optimised content for search engines and website visitors.

5. Web Design: Both web designers and graphic designers will work on turning the website framework into visual mock-ups. Once visual mock-ups are approved, the front-end developer will turn the design into code.

6. Web Development: Now that the visual component is complete, the web developer will start coding the functionality of your website.

7. Testing: Now... time for the verdict. The QA team will thoroughly test the website to ensure there are no technical errors.

8. Launch: Once everything is working smoothly, it’s time to start planning and executing a website launch.

That’s a simple snapshot of our web design process. Now, let’s dig deeper into each step.

1. Determine Goals

This is the very first stage of website creation, and arguably the most important one.

In this stage, the designer will sit down with you to discuss and identify your businesses goals and how to ensure your new website is aligned with these goals. Some of the questions your designer will explore in order to identify your website goals include:

  • Your company
  • The purpose and goals for your new website
  • Your target audience and industry
  • Identifying typical customers or audience personas
  • Direct or indirect Competitor websites
  • Website elements that inspire design or functionality

2. Discovery and Creation of Digital Strategy

Ultimately the goal of having a new website designed is to generate business and grow your brand’s online presence.

That’s why Atilta takes a high conversion focused approach to web design. Our web design process is not limited to just Web Designers, in all our project a Digital Marketing Expert will contribute towards the creation of your site. This ensure that the website is conversion focused and optimised for search engines.

In the Discovery phase, we will explore your business target market, audience and competitors. We will investigate and use this information in the creation of your Digital Strategy. Your digital strategy will act as the foundations for the design and development of your website.

3. Project Scope

Finishing a work of art is the hardest process.

Just like a creation of an artwork, web design and development stems from an idea. Ideas can expand, evolve or completely change altogether during the web design and development process.

It’s perfectly natural to have new idea’s spring to mind.

It’s one of the common hurdles in web design projects. Unlike the creation of an artwork, alongside the aesthetics, a web design must consider the usability and functionality of the website. Although some idea may seem minuscule, they may be a big hurdle when dealing with code.

To ensure that we are fully transparent, Atilta will provide a web design scope which will clearly set out the functionality, design, and timelines of the project.

We’re not completely drawing the lines to evolving ideas. In fact, we believe that websites are a constantly evolving. To ensure that new ideas are not unrealistic we provide separate pricing, so you can ensure you’re not going overboard with your budget or timeline.

4. Website Content creation

Now that we have your websites main blueprint in place, it’s time to create your website’s content.

Content plays a vital role in achieving a conversion focused web design. Essentially web content serves two main purposes:

Firstly, content speaks to Search Engines.

Website content plays a vital role in your websites overall SEO efforts.

Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and Duckduckgo will visit each web page on your site and analyse its contents. The information gathered in each visit is then used to determine the rank of your website for a specific search query.

Secondly, content speaks to your visitors.

Optimising website content for Search Engines is just one part of creating great content.

Plain old text that’s stuffed with keywords, might seem like a good content strategy for optimising content for search engines.

However, this is far from reality.

In fact, such content strategy is a sure way to quickly hit rock bottom. Not only are you leaving your website at risk of a Google penalty, but optimising your content solely for search engines will not attract, engages or most importantly steers visitors to call to action.

Content-driven web design.

To achieve a conversion-focused content, every word, picture, video, graphics, and font must visually enhance the message of each page.

That’s exactly where conversion focused web design comes into place. Once the content for each page is complete, our designers will design unique first level landing pages to ensure the page is engaging and conversion driven.

But it’s not just limited to that, we also will set you off with a powerful CMS (Content Management System) so that you have complete control over the content and visual elements of each page. 

5. Web Design

Finally, it’s time for the web designers to shine.

In this stage, we start creating the visual design of the website as per the scope of the project and digital strategy report which was determined in earlier stages.

Sitemap and Wireframe creation:

The Digital Marketing expert and Web designer will work together to strategically determine and create your website’s sitemap and wireframe. Ensuring your website’s sitemap and wireframe is optimised for both search engines and usability, is the key to a well-designed and conversion focused website.

The wireframe will visually map out the various relationships between pages.

Building a website without a sitemap is like building an Ikea furniture without instructions to guide you. It usually takes longer time, involves trial and error and rarely leads to success.

Once we have set out the sitemap, our designers will build the wireframe. The wireframe will provide a basic framework for the websites visual design. It acts as a great way to identify issues and missing areas in the sitemap and to determine how the website will ultimately look.

Our web designers and graphic designers will then work hand-in-hand to create the first set of mock-ups for the home page, first level pages, and second level pages according to the sitemap and wireframe. The mock-ups will also provide the design for the desktop, tablet and smartphone formats. Once, the design is finalised, the front-end developer will start turning the mock-ups into a code.

6. Web Development

Web development phase is where the majority of the coding of your website happens. It’s the stages that make the website tick.

The web developer will ensure that all the functionality in your project scope turns into reality. Our web designers are experts in many programming languages such as HTML, PHP and Python. Alongside the site’s features, the web developer will implement your website’s CMS (Content Management System) so that you can change and update your websites content and design elements.

7.  Testing

We are approaching the final stages of the Atilta web design and development process. In the Testing phase, our Quality Analyst (QA) team will test your websites to ensure that all the functionality is working as intended and that the website operates smoothly on all devices and browsers.

8.    Launch

Arguably the most exciting stage of the web design and development process. In the Launch phase, we will turn your website alive!

Your completed site

As you can see, there is indeed quite a lot involved in planning, designing, developing and launching a conversion focused website. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing your website is vital for maximising online visibility and growing a thriving website.

Finding the Right Balance in Web Design

In order to succeed online, it’s vital to find the right balance between creating an aesthetically pleasing, user-centric website that can also attract and convert's visitors into buying customers.

It’s not easy to obtain, but absolutely achievable with a good web design company.

A Website is always in a state of working progress.

The way the users interact with your website will constantly change as new technologies are introduced and trends evolve. For example, Mobile friendliness was not much of a factor back in the day, but now is a necessity.

It's vital that your website is evolving and improving to better serve users and increase conversion rates.

No doubt, the relationship with your web design company will be one that will be long-lasting. It’s therefore important to ensure that the web design company you have chosen, is able to be a trusted long-term partner that is capable of providing state of the art web design that can attract, encourage, convert and most importantly future-proof your business.

Finding the right web design company

Before you decide on the web design company for your project, it's vital you consider the following factors:

1. Web design Process

To Find a great web design company, the first thing you need to identify is the web design process. The web design process must take into consideration your business marketing strategy, branding and user experience.

2. Communication

It's vital the web design company is able to effectively communicate with you.Here at Atilta, we understand that effective communication is what makes or breaks any project. That's precisely why we offer a number of methods of communication to suit your busy schedule as a business owner. We can arrange a phone conversation, swing past your business and schedule a time in one of our Studio's.

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Atilta has been designing and developing websites for Sydney Businesses since 2016.

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By partnering with the right web design company you are putting your business in the best position to ensure that your website is a success.


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